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At Trainers Total Fitness, our clients get results! We provide heart rate based training to track your calories and intensity, personalized workout cards and nutritional coaching to guarantee an exciting and effective exercise experience every time you come into our facility. If you want flatter abs, toned thighs, firmer arms, or to just get a great workout, we are the place for you!

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Our highly trained staff is guaranteed to give you the most effective training sessions. Our trainers use a scientifically proven technique to get you the results you want. They are also highly qualified and possess certifications under two of the most renown personal training accrediting bodies, NASM and ACSM.

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Our studios are packed with modern and well maintained equipment to give you the best personal training experience. We house all the equipment you need to achieve a great workout. At Trainers Total Fitness, we combine our expertise with LifeFitness and TRX suspension equipment to sculpt your body.

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Steven Pierce, Founder and CEO of Trainers Total Fitness, is the go to Fitness Coach for Fox2 News. He has shared his knowledge in health & fitness over the airways for over 100+ televised appearances. Click here to view a few examples of instructional videos and interviews done by Steven with Fox2 News.

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Level of professionalism among staff is outstanding!

I am proud to be a member of the Trainers Total Fitness family. The level of service is outstanding and the environment is extremely friendly. In addition, the facility is clean and the level of profe…Read More

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What more could you ask for?

Affordable, great equipment and knowledgeable trainers that take time to really push and help you meet you fitness goals. What more could you ask for?…Read More

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Science Based Training

At Trainers Total Fitness, when you exercise, we want you to reach the “anaerobic threshold” state. The “anaerobic threshold” is achieved when you exercise between 75 – 90% of your max heart rate. When you reach this intensity, you will continue to burn hundreds of calories even after you leave the gym. Your metabolism will keep burning those excess fat stores in your body.

How do we know you’ve achieved this?

The Polar System tracks your heart rate and calories burned giving you real time feedback while your exercise. Your metabolism will keep burning those excess fat stores in your body for up to 48 hours after a single workout.

Our Method = Results

Read the “anaerobic

Track Calories Burned

in Real Time

Track Exercise Intensity

in Real Time

Avoid Plateaus with Progression



Each members program is designed to meet their individual goals. Your workout program is reviewed frequently and progressions are made as your fitness improves. You will get a full body workout every time you see your trainer.

  Core Training


  Strength Training

  Interval Training


  Metabolic Training


Nutritional Coaching

No workout program is complete without being educated on how you should eat. Gain knowledge to jump-start you metabolism and rid your body of food that will work against your goals. You will learn how foods behave in the body and understand how you will use food to help you achieve your results. The nutritional coaching will give you the tools you need and the confidence to make better food choices.


7 Days of Training

We are open 7 days per week and available to work with you. We know you have a busy schedule and you need someone who can adjust to your needs. It can be very challenging to workout when your kids schedule seems to fill your calendar on a weekly basis. You need flexibility and options, but you also need direction. Our Trainers will be there every step of the way.


Calorie Burn Tracker

Burn up to 500 calories in 30 min. Boost your metabolism every minute you train with your trainer. The Polar System gives you real time feedback on the monitor as it tracks your calories burned during your session. You will begin to understand how much activity is needed to get the results you desire. It really provides great feedback in understanding how much activity is needed to burn off those cheat meals you may have every once in a while.


Workout Cards

Have you been working out by yourself? Are you unsure what to do when you exercise? Have you hit a plateau in your weight loss? Still feeling like you don’t know how to perform a proper squat? Let us teach you the right exercises so you can work out with confidence and purpose. We use progression-based training and use workout cards to record and determine when adjustments need to be made to your program to maximize results.

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